Inventory Control Through Bar Codes

   XpertMart Point of Sale and Inventory Control software gives retailers complete control over their merchandise through a bar code based inventory control system. . 

Some of the characteristics of  XpertMart - 

  • XpertMart can automatically create bar codes for all items in the system.
  • Or, if your merchandise already comes from your vendor with a bar code, you can asign that same bar code to the item in the system by simply scanning it in. 
  • XpertMart is compatible with virtually every model and brand of bar code printers. 
  • XpertMart is compatible with viturally every model and brand of bar code scanners and bar code readers. 
  • If the bar code label has fallen off a piece of merchandise, cashiers can look up an item's description, photo and price by pressing F8.
  • Using bar codes dramatically speeds up physical inventories. XpertMart has special software designed to make physical inventories quick and accurate. 
  • XpertMart is compatible with most models and brands of Portable Data Terminals which can store thousands of bar codes at once. 
General Characteristics: 
  • Works on a stand alone computer or on a network of computers. 
  • Runs on Pentium or superior computers. 

More information on  XpertMart retail software: 
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