XpertMart Multi-Store Remote License

    License to run XpertMart for one store or warehouse in a Multi-Store version.

Special Tech Support

    Customers that elect not to have a tech support plan can purchase hours of tech support. We will respond to all tech support requests in a reasonable time frame but customers with a tech support plan have first priority. Rates vary depending on  whether you need support during normal days and hours or on off days and hours.

    Prices for tech support during normal office hours without a plan are as follows:   (Click here for urgent tech support rates.)

$800 USD On site tech support with travel expenses.

1 XpertMartâ„¢ Software $659.70 USD $659.70 USD

Quarterly Upgrade 2nd Quarter 2010

1 XpertMartâ„¢ Software $659.70 USD $659.70 USD

Quarterly Upgrade 3rd Quarter 2010

Note: Any unused time can be save to use in the future which lowers the price per hour. If less time is used and you wish we can refund the difference at the shorter's time rate.