Inventory Control

   XpertMart - Inventory Control is the best Inventory Control software available for retail stores that handle cloths and shoes. It is a program that integrates Inventory Control with the Point of Sale so that all transactions inmediately affect the stock on hand and thus it provides a perfect Inventory Control.

Some of the XpertMart - Inventory Control characteristics

  • Updates your inventory on line. Thus giving you an exact Inventory Control of your stock by Style/Color/Size.
  • Each inventory movement is recorded in the Kardex so that you can confirm that you have complete Inventory Control at all times.
  • Let's you select products by Bar Code, alphanumeric product code o using a portable terminal.
  • It is easy and fast to receive merchandise. You can scan in the merchandise using it's barcodes or edit quantities received in a Color/Size matrix for each Style..
  • Complete Inventory Control reports so that you have complete sales and stock statistics so that you can know more about your business.
General Characteristics of Inventory Control:
  • An unlimited amount of reports on inventory, sales, orders..
  • Inventory is controlled by each combination of Style/Color/Size per each store.
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XpertMart Inventory Control