Finding Your Way Around the Installed Files

Go to the C:\Main directory and double-click on it to see its contents:

The C:\Main directory is where the XpertMart application resides and all of the files it needs to run properly. The Dlls folder contains the dlls XpertMart uses to communicate with peripherals such as a Portable Data Terminal and digital camera. The Drivers folder contains the drivers XpertMart uses to send printing jobs to the point of sale printer and the bar code label printer. The In and Out folder are used during the synchronization process to store temporary files as the computer exchanges information with other computers running XpertMart. The Reports folder is where all of the reports are stored. The hinstall application executes the driver that controls the HASP key.

The Main.gdb file is the database file where all information is stored. Unlike other programs that use multiple files to store information, XpertMart uses a single database file to keep every piece of information entered into the catalogues and saved during transactions. This makes XpertMart more stable and less prone to failure than other programs where information is stored in many files, each of which can be accidentally modified or become corrupted. The XM.bmp is the image that the desktop shortcut uses for an icon. XpertMart.jar file is the actual software application. You can run XpertMart by double-clicking on this .jar file.

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