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Setting up the Dated Prices Catalog
How Prices by Date & Hour Work

Setting up the Dated Prices Catalog
Sales are the lifeblood of many a retailer. Announcing special prices that take effect for a limited time are one of the favorite tools retailers use to keep up interest in the store and maintain customer traffic. XpertMart gives you the tools to manage special sales using the Dated Prices Catalog.

To define special prices by date and hour, open the Dated Prices Catalog under the Prices menu, as shown below:

When the Dated Prices Catalog opens up, create a new entry for every item that you wish to establish a special price by quantity for. There are two ways you can enter the item into the catalog: by entering the item number into the "Item Number" field, or by opening the Items Catalog with the zoom button at the right and finding the item you are looking for (usually through a Query by Example) and pressing <OK>. Once you enter an item you will see the Item Details section of the catalog automatically filled-in.

In the example below, the user has entered item number 148 which corresponds to the Rosy sandal, size 8.5 and color Natural Paris.

Once you've chosen an item, you must select the price list you are modifying. Recall that there is one entry in the Prices Catalog for every price list you create. If you want the special price by quantity to apply for every price list you need to create an entry in the Quantity Prices Catalog for every entry in your Price Lists Catalog. Usually you are trying to target certain stores or certain customers and therefore have a specific price list in mind.

The next step is to define a date range for which the special price takes effect. Using the XpertDatetool, enter the day (inclusive) you want the sale to begin into the "Begin Date" field and the day (inclusive) you want the sale to end into the "End Date" field. If you want to get even more specific and define the time the sale begins and ends use the XpertDateTime tool to pick the start time and end tim. Be sure to select the "Timed" checkbox or XpertMart will ignore the specific times you have selected.

In the "Price" field enter the special price that would take effect during the specified date and time range if the customer buys the item in question. In the example above the user is creating a Mother's Day Sale: any customer buying a Natural Paris Size 8.5 Rosy sandal between 9:00 a.m. on May 9, 2002 and 5:00 p.m. on May 13, 2002 will pay $49.99 instead of the normal $69.95 price.

When you've entered the special price into the "Price" field, the margin and discount fields will automatically get filled in reflecting the new margin you will receive with the special price and the discount it represents off of the previous price.

How Prices by Date & Hour Work
Any time you enter an item into an Invoice, XpertMart automatically checks the Dated Prices Catalog to see if a special price exists for the date and time the transaction during which the transaction is taking place. XpertMart allows you to enter more than one special price for the same date and time range. In these cases, XpertMart will simply take the lowest price.

You do not need to "activate" this process. If you do not want to use prices by date and time, simply erase all entries in the Dated Prices Catalog.

XpertMart will only use the special price in the Dated Prices Catalog if it is less than the current price in the corresponding price list being used, under the assumption that the customer will always demand the lowest price. (This could occur if you changed prices but neglected to adjust the Dated Prices Catalog accordingly). Similarly, if you are using Quantity Prices, XpertMart will look for the option that generates the lowest price for the customer.

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