Sales Screen Elements

    XpertMart has the funtionality to permit you to do most any operation at Point of Sale. It is important for a POS program to give you this power. If you want to use all the options available at POS then you will find quite a few elements on the POS screen. If you only need some of this POS functionality and not others, then you can configure XpertMart so that it only shows on the screen the elements that correspond to the functions you actually want to use.

    In this screen shot we see all the funtionality of XpertMart enabled. The large red numbers show the elements that can be hidden if you do not need the funtionality they supply.

    1) This element is the Purchase Description asigned to a style. This is a second description after the actual style name. If you do not want to see this element on the POS screen you turn in off in the Station Configuration.

    2) This element is the Second Size of an item. If you are not going to use second sizes or don´t wish to see them on the POS screen you can choose to not display this in Station Configure.

    3) The elements: %Discount, Discount ($) and Net Price allow you to discount a particular item on a sale. If an employee does not have permision to make discounts on sales and you do not allow managers to authorize discounts, these items will not show up. If the employee will be making discounts then you will need these elements on the screen.

    Note: In Station Configure, you  specify whether managers are allowe to authorize discounts or not.

    4) The Credit Charge type and Credit/Charge amounts also only appear if the employee has permision to make discounts on sales. (Because the Credit/Charge amount will be subtracted from the sale subtotal if it is negative.) If the employee is not allowed to make discounts and you do not allow managers to authorize discounts, these elements will not appear on the sales screen.

    5) The invoice discount elements %Disc, and Discount ($) will also only appear on the sales screen if the employee has permision to make discounts or you allow managers to authorize discounts. If the employee is permited to make discounts, he will need these elements to make a discount on a sales invoice.

    If we choose to turn off all these options and an employee with no permisions to discount goes into the sales screen the employee will see this much simpler screen:


    1) The XpertMart sales screen displays on one screen all the information that could possibly be printed on an invoice in a forma similar to how it would look on an invoice. This makes XpertMart more logical to learn and use for people who are familiar at least with a sales invoice and what it looks like.

    2) In antique DOS based systems if the screen had 20 options then usually you were force to hit tab or enter 20 times to get down to the final element and print your invoice. While XpertMart lets you tab through the sales screen in the old fashioned way, it remains an old fashioned way. With our true windows based interface you can use the Function keys (F3, F4, F5..... etc.) to jump directly to the part of the sales screen you want to enter data in and ignore the rest of the elements. You can also use a mouse to click on any part of the sales screen and enter or modify data at that point. (The mouse is slower, but very intuitive and easy for employees to use with very little training.)

    For fast and simple cash sales XpertMart has the ability to sale with just five clicks or actions:
            1) Hit F5 to go to the item entry section.
            2) Scan the barcode of the product to sale
            3) Hit F10 to go to the payments section
            4) Hit Enter to select Cash by default. (You select this option in Station Configure.)
            5) Hit F12 to print the invoice.

    XpertMart is time tested in hundreds of stores that use it each day. Still if you have a suggestion for improvement we are always making our product better.