States Catalog

You can configure XpertMart™  to allow you to enter the state in which the clients address exists in two different ways. You can either either write out the name of the state or use the States catalog to enter all the states you might use. If you enter the name of the state manually you most likely will not have consistent names for the states, some may be entered with the full name, some may be entered with abreviations, not to mention typos that may occur.

Another advantage of using the States Catalog in the clients address is that you can then obtain different Tax Zones for the clients depending on which state they belong to.

To open the States Catalog you select it from the Catalogs - Addresses - States menu option as shown below:

Menus to open States catalog

Once you select this option the States Catalog will open as seen in this screen shot:

States Catalog with Tax Zone option

State: In the State field you should type the full name of the state. This field name is in red which indicates that this field should contain unique content. You should not have duplicate state names. 

Abbreviation: In the Abbreviation field you should type the abbreviation you wish to use for the state.

If you will have clients from various countries then you should enter the countries in the Countries catalog and select which country each state belongs to. If you do not need to specify which country the clients are from then you can leave this field blank.. 

Tax Zone: Here you select the Tax Zone that corresponds to this state. XpertMart will use this Tax Zone to calculate sales tax if the system is configured to use the State's Tax Zone to calculate sales tax. You can find out how taxes are calculated at this Taxes link

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