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The XpertTrend window automatically displays unit and dollar sales data for the previous week and four week period in selected catalogs: Styles, Vendors, Brands, Departments and Stores. The sales trends that are displayed are dynamic, i.e. they change week to week as your sales change.

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This way XpertMart is "pushing" useful information in front of you without you having to "pull" it from the system. In other words, you don't need to ask. XpertTrend creates many opportunities for serendipity. For example, while browsing the Brands Catalog to edit an entry, you suddenly notice that sales of a merchandise of a popular brand have been falling over the last week. This prompts you to make some inquiries and you discover that employees of your flagship store have neglected to take the newly arrived shipment out of the box and onto the display stands. Because of this timely action, you only suffered a few days of lost sales instead of a few weeks. Otherwise the problem may not have been noticed until someone chose to ran the daily, weekly or monthly Sales by Brand report and spotted the falling sales figures.

You were able to take timely action because XpertMart "pushed" important information in front of you without you having to ask.