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How Do I Know Which POS Software to Buy?

So you're ready to open your retail store. You've been dreaming about this for some time and saving your hard-earned money. You've been filling out paperwork for the bank, meeting with the contractors to put the finishing touches on the store, placing orders with vendors, designing your logo and signage.

But you still haven't decide on your POS system. The other decisions seem easy, even fun. This is your store and you want it look a certain way, carry great merchandise, reflect who you are. But POS Software....so many choices. It's a lot of money. And all that time and effort getting your data into the system! You don't want to make the wrong decision.

At XpertMart we are confident that our POS system is the best solution for a new retailer opening a clothing or shoe store. 

We get a lot of calls from retailers with buyer's remorse. There is so much going on those first couple of weeks you open your store that by the time they got a chance to really sit down with the software and try to get the reports they need out of it, they realize they made a mistake. We believe that the more you use XpertMart the more you will like it.

Personalized Training and Support

The most common call we get is: "My store opens in two weeks and I still don't have a POS system. Can you help me?" For every customer who plans ahead and buys their software a couple of months in advance we get nine customers scrambling to make a last minute decision. We understand. The contractors are behind and are still painting the store. The DSL hasn't even been setup yet. UPS keeps dropping by with more boxes of merchandise. You've already taken out ads and bought air time announcing your Grand Opening. You wonder, is it too late to setup a POS system?

Relax. We do this all the time. We will work with you over the phone to get you up and running in time for the Grand Opening. We've devised a 12 step Quick Start Guide that covers everything you need to do to have a functional POS system on opening day. We will walk you through each step over the phone from figuring out a merchandise classification system to entering your data efficiently to printing barcodes and counting your inventory. We'll also practice ringing up sales, taking returns, issuing store credits, doing special orders and closing out the day so that you are confident and ready.

Best of all, we're flexible enought to adapt to your schedule. We can go as fast as you need to go. Are you only free to talk in the evening? Need to schedule that barcode printing class right away? Want to setup a time next Tuesday to do some practice sales? No problem! We're not going to throw the User Manual and let you fend for yourself.

Of course we're also available to go on-site and do the training in person. But we understand every dollar counts. Which is why we've developed this phone training program that's included in the initial 3-month tech support plan for only $599.

So take a deep breath and relax. We'll help you get through the Grand Opening. It's what we do best.

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