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XpertMart Releases New Retail Enterprise Management Software for Mac

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - XpertMart announced today the release of a new version of its Retail Enterprise Management software for Mac with an expanded suite of features to help retailers optimize sales across multiple channels and locations.

The new version of XpertMart's POS & Inventory Control software allows users to run a chain of retail stores, manage wholesale accounts as well as sell online. New features include the ability to setup multiple price lists, customer discount groups, credit limits and fulfill large orders from several different inventory locations.

"Retailers looking to grow their business...[click here to read more]


XpertMart Releases Unlimited Users Single Store License

CAMBRIDGE, MA. - XpertMart announced today the release of an Unlimited Single Store license for its popular Point of Sale system for Mac OS X. The new license allows retailers to network together an unlimited number of workstations for a flat price of $2,499.

The Unlimited Single Store license is designed for large-scale retail environments where multiple users need to be accessing the same database concurrently.

Stores that have multiple POS stations, etailers with large fulfillment...[click to read more]


XpertMart Releases Java 5 Version for Mac OS X

CAMBRIDGE, MA. - XpertMart announced today the release of a new version of its POS & Inventory Control software that runs on Java 5 and is optimized for Macs running on Intel processors.

The new version of XpertMart's POS software for Mac OS X runs natively on the Intel chip without needing Rosetta and is therefore faster than applications that were written for the old PowerPC processor and need to be translated to run on Intel's Core architecture.

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XpertMart Announces New Prepacks Feature for Inventory Control

CAMBRIDGE, MA. - XpertMart announced today the release of a new functionality in its POS software that lets retailers manage merchandise distribution and inventory through prepacks.

Using the Prepacks functionality, retailers of footwear and clothing can manage and automate their complete distribution cycle more efficiently. XpertMart users can now place Purchase Orders for prepacks, Receive prepacks from vendors, hold prepacks in inventory at a central warehouse and transfer prepacks out to stores.

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XpertMart Retail POS Software Will Be Shown at Apple Store SoHo

NEW YORK, NY - XpertMart Point of Sale & Inventory Control software will be shown at the Apple Store SoHO in New York City on Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

The demo is part of the Apple Store's ongoing "Works on a Mac" series and will be given by Stephen Searfoss, President of Dinari Systems LLC, maker of XpertMart software.

The demo will run through a complete inventory cycle...[click to read more]


XpertMart Announces New Authorized Dealer in Italy

Italian Version of Retail Enterprise Software Released

CAMBRIDGE, MA. - XpertMart announced today the release of the Italian language version of its Retail Enterprise Software and that it had signed up Tecnes Milano as its Authorized Dealer in Italy.

Founded in 1985, Tecnes Milano is a software development and IT consulting company headquartered in Milan with over 100 staff members throughout Italy. Tecnes has previously developed its TecMed software for health clinics in Java and was looking to expand into solutions for retailers.

"Thanks to XpertMart Tecnes Milano has the opportunity to expand its business into the retail market...[click to read more]


XpertMart Retail Software Shown at JavaOne

XpertMart Runs on New Jbox

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., JavaOne Worldwide Developers Conference - June 28, 2005 - XpertMart retail enterprise software announced today that it was selected by Sun Microsystems, Inc. to participate in a joint demonstration of the power of Java in embedded applications at the JavaOne conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco June 27-30.

"XpertMart is a good example of the power and depth of Java SE 5.0," says David Hofert, Group Product Marketing Manager for Java SE Embedded, Sun Microsystems, " XpertMart takes great advantage of Java's GUI, speed, multithreading capabilities, and JDBC functionality to deliver their retail application."

When Sun was looking for applications to demonstrate the capabilities of Java SE 5.0 they found that all they had to do was drop in XpertMart's runtime JAR on Solaris 10 and Linux 2.6 running on top of industry standard open databases and it ran with no modifications.

"XpertMart's point of sale and inventory control capabilities help us show the capabilities of Java SE 5.0 for embedded use...[click to read more]


Caricia to Install XpertMart Software in Guatemalan Retail Chain

(CAMBRIDGE, MA) - Industrias Caricia, one of the largest independent retailers of Central America, announced today that it has selected XpertMart retail enterprise software to run its subsidiary of 20 footwear stores in Guatemala.

Industrias Caricia chose XpertMart after an in-depth comparison with other leading Point of Sale & Inventory Control applications. The decision to install XpertMart in Guatemalan stores comes after more than three years of successfully using XpertMart software in 50 stores in El Salvador.

"We have seen dramatic cost savings by detecting trends early, empowering employees and reducing the time needed to analyze information and make decisions," says CEO Egan. "In the last three years I can honestly say that XpertMart has more than paid for itself."

Caricia will use XpertMart to set minimum stock levels...[click to read more]


XpertMart Makes Java Accessible to Small & Medium Sized Retailers

(CAMBRIDGE, MA) - For years well known big box retailers and national retailers have turned to Java for their POS systems. The same technology is now available to smaller retailers through XpertMart, a complete retail management system specifically designed for independent chains of small and medium-sized retailers..

"XpertMart gives independent retailers the same technological edge that leading national retailers who have implemented Java POS solutions currently enjoy," says Stephen Searfoss, President of Dinari Systems LLC. "We put Java within reach of all retailers."

Retailers can realize big savings on license fees...[click to read more]


XpertMart POS Software for Mac OS X Released

(CAMBRIDGE, MA) - Dinari Systems LLC today announced the release of its XpertMart Point of Sale and Inventory Control software application for the Macintosh OS X platform.

The release of XpertMart for Mac OS X is significant as for the first time retailers will have a broad range of POS peripherals to work with. XpertMart's Macintosh edition has been certified to be compatible with such popular peripherals as Zebra barcode printers, Symbol barcode scanners, Epson POS printers and MagTek credit card readers among others.

XpertMart is a complete retail management system...[click to read more]