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eCommerce Software

XpertMart - eCommerce software offers you one of the most advanced ecommerce software for a web store combined with a chain of shoe or clothing stores. It is an integrated ecommerce software that does everything an ecommerce software does, but much more. All operations on your ecommerce site affect inventory, are stored and synchronized up to the main office system.

Some of the characteristics of  XpertMart - eCommerce Software

  • The eCommerce Software can handle an unlimited number of products, departments, salesmen and customers.
  • You cannot keep your customers waiting so XpertMart - eCommerce Software is very fast.
  • The ecommerce software instantly and automatically updates the inventory on hand by Style/Color/Size/Second Size.
  • The ecommerce software lets decide how your shoppers are going to navigate your merchandise. This can be done be either category, department, brand, collection or sale items.
  • The point of sale lets you easily sale merchandise of a certain style. You can just read in the barcodes or edit the quantities into a Matrix of Color/Size for each style.
  • Complete reports at the main office with photos and matrix format
  • Our eCommerce software uses the same software and is powered by the same database used by your brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Whenever you make a change to the database such as creating a new style or changing a price, these are automatically reflected on your ecommerce web store.
  • If an item is out of stock, it won't appear on your ecommerce site only to frustrate customers.
  • Cyber-shoppers can browse merchandise, see if it is available in the store nearest to them and have the option of buying it online and picking it up later at your brick store.

General Characteristics:
  • Works on Linux servers under Tomcat and Apache.
  • XpertMart is written 100% in Java

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