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Why XpertMartTM? - Internet Ready

Too many times when we have asked retailers, “What is your strategy to face the challenges and opportunities that the Internet presents?” the most common answers we get are “We don’t need one” or “The Internet doesn’t affect us.” 

We believe this is a grave mistake. While it may be true that most dot-coms have met their demise recently, the future belongs to those retailers who can offer customers the best of online shopping and the best of in-store shopping. Bricks-and-mortar stores will always have certain advantages the online store does not have: ease of returning merchandise, physical contact with products, social interaction, instant gratification when buying. Yet the virtual store will always have certain advantages the physical store will not: flexible hours, greater product selection and more detailed information for each product. The best strategy is one that harnesses the best of both worlds by promoting cross-traffic: getting cybershoppers to visit physical stores and traditional customers to go online.

In order to cover the greatest possible spectrum of your customer’s needs, an Internet store must offer at least four options:

1) Customers can shop for an item online, pay for it online and have it delivered to his home;
2) Customers can shop for an item online, pay for it online and drop by a store later on to pick it up;
3) Customers can shop for an item online, set the merchandise aside and stop by a store at a later 
     time to pick it up;
4) Customers can browse online, seeing which stores carry their favorite items in stock, confident 
     that if they stop by that store at a later time, they will most likely find that item.

To be able to offer your customers these four options, it is imperative to have a virtual store that is completely integrated to your chain of brick-and-mortar stores. In other words, your e-store needs to have data that is accurate and up to date on the stock levels of each store for every item in your on display. The only thing worse than not having an Internet store is having an Internet store that promises items that are out of stock and burns your cybershoppers—often among a retailer’s most profitable customers.

XpertMart is truly an Internet-integrated system that doesn’t need bridges, plug-ins or other programs. We already speaks the language of the Internet, Java. Our database already uses embedded photos and descriptive paragraphs (such as in the style catalogue). Therefore, our e-store module uses the exact same catalogues and database that you use for your bricks-and-mortar stores. If you add a style to your catalogue, it shows up automatically in your web store. XpertMart gives your customers the same power your sales clerks have at the point of sale: the ability to see which stores currently stock an item. 

The importance of the Internet as a commercial tool will only continue to grow. Now, saying “we have an Internet store” is the equivalent of saying “We answer the phone.”

If you invest in XpertMart you can rest easy knowing you have chosen a POS & Inventory Control system that is in the vanguard and will anticipate your needs. The future is here. We are ready for the future. Are you?

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General Characteristics:
  • Works on Linux servers under Tomcat and Apache.
  • XpertMart is written 100% in Java

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