Troubleshooting the XpertMart Installation on Macintosh OS X

If you are able to launch XpertMart and get the Login screen, use the following:

Employee Number: 123
Login: 123

If you are having trouble installing XpertMart on your Mac and cannot get to the Login screen, try the following steps (in order of difficulty):

1) Make sure you restarted your computer after installing the Firebird database manager.

2) Make sure you did not install Firebird more than once. If you did, click here to learn how to uninstall Firebird.

3) Make sure you put the "Main" folder straight on the root directory and not in the Applications folder.

4) If you get the message that says: "Unable to connect to the database. Do you want to change the Configuration?" Click <Yes> and then click on the Database tab. The database field needs to show the following:


Note that there need to be 2 // before and after localhost.

5) If after doing steps 1-4 you are still having trouble, make sure the Firewall is off.

6) If you cannot or do not want to turn off the Firewall, then you need to open ports 3050 and 3060. In System Preferences>Sharing>Firewall add new entries for:

3050, 3060 Firebird
3050, 3060 XpertMart

7) You should be able to open a Terminal window (Applications>Utilities>Terminal) and type:

ping localhost

If you cannot "ping" the localhost then the Firewall is still blocking the IP Ports XpertMart needs to access the database. (See Step 8).

8) To get a closer look at what rules your Firewall is following, open a Terminal window and type:

sudo ipfw list

If you are not sure if your Firewall is configured properly to allow access to the Firebird database manager, email us the Terminal output. Send emails to

You can learn more about how your Firewall works here:

9) Make sure you are logged into OS X as a User that has Administrator Priviliges. This is setup in System Preferences>System>Accounts.

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