Editing Payments of Saved Invoices


This chapter covers the necessary steps to modify the Payment Type of an Invoice that has already been saved.

Changes to the Payment Area of an Invoice can only be done at the Remote station (store or warehouse) where the Invoice was originally made. The changes made to the Invoice will then be synchronized out to the Main station.

The Payment Type is not actually changed. Keeping with our philosophy of control and our belief that all changes must leave an audit trail, what you actually are doing is creating a second payment that cancels out the first payment and a third payment with the correct amount and Payment Type. If there are multiple Payment Types then the same procedure must be repeated for each Payment Type that needs to be modified.

There are five steps that need to be followed to modify the Payment Type or Tender Type of an Invoice.

From the Main Menu, open the Documents>Invoices Catalog and find the Invoice that you wish to modify.

Once you've found the Invoice you are looking for, click on the Payment button on the toolbar at the top of the catalog.  This will allow you to add new Tender Types to the Invoice.

Pressing the Payment button will allow you to add new lines to the Payment Area of an Invoice but it will not allow you to delete any existing lines or edit an existing Tender Type. However, you can delete and edit the new Tender Types if you make a mistake as you add them.

In the Payment Area, move the cursor to the Tender Type field and scroll down to the next available empty line and click on the mouse button. You will see the Payment Types menua appear. Select the same Tender Type as the one you wish to modify. You will see the amount "0.00" appear in the Net field. Move the cursor to the Net field and enter a negative value for equal to the amount in the original Tender Type that you are trying to modify.

In the example below, the original Invoice shows that the balance of $48.55 was paid by Cash. The user wishes to change the Tender Type to Credit Card, so the user has added a new line to the Payment Area with a Tender Type of Cash and the amount "-48.55" in the Net field:


If the Tender Type you are modifying is a credit card or check, a drop-down menu with the Credit Card Catalog or the Banks Catalog will appear; be sure to select the same credit card or bank that was used in the original Tender Type.
Now add a new line to the Payment Area by selecting the desired Tender Type and entering the correct amount, as shown below:

Note that you can only see two lines at a time in the Payment Area and you may need to use the directional arrows at the right to scroll up and down.

You could also modify only part of the total payment. For example, you could enter a Cash Tender Type with a Net of  "-30.00" and then add a new Tender Type of Checks with a Net of "30.00". This way the payment would be composed of two parts: $18.55 by Cash and $30.00 by Check, where before it was made up of only one Tender Type.

When you are done adding Tender Types to the invoice, once again press the Payment button . This will signal to XpertMart that you are done editing the Invoice and no further modifications can be made (unless you press the Payment button again).

If one of the amounts you entered was incorrect and you have not accounted for the full Amount Due on the Invoice, you will see the following error message:

If, on the other hand, while editing Tender Types you have entered too much payment, you will see this error:

If there is no problem with the amounts entered, then no message will appear after you press the Payment button a second time and the modifications to the Invoice will be saved. If you do not press the Payment button to "close" your editing session, none of the changes to the Payment Area will be saved.

The new lines in the Payment Area will be stamped with today's date, recorded in the Audit Log and transmitted to the Main station during the next synchronization.

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