Replace by Example

The Replace Where function found in the toolbar of every catalog lets you change a large amount of records at once. Using this tool correctly can save you a lot of data-entry time whenever you need to make a lot of changes to a catalog. 

When you use the Replace Where function you are basically giving the system an example of what you want the changed
records to look like and then with XpertQuery you define which records are to be changed.

To change multiple records in a catalog at once, follow these steps:

1) Clear the catalog using Clear Form button . (This marks all fields as unchanged.)

2) Make changes you would want for the selected records. (Each change marks the changed field as changed.) Only fields marked as changed will be changed in the records. (If you want to uncheck a checkbox in a lot of records you first check the box, which marks the field as changed, then you uncheck it which is the value that will be applied to all records selected.)

3) Click the Replace Where button . The XpertQuery screen will open up and you can define which records you want to change. If you add no criterion to the query, then all records in the catalog are changed. If, for example, you select "where Lines is equal to Womens," then only the records which belong to the Womens line will be changed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Replace Where feature does not have an "undo" function. It sends an SQL statement directly
to the database. So it is very powerful and very dangerous. Proceed with caution.

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