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Stuck With Retail ProTM?

Are you a Retail ProTM user who feels abandoned? Did you receive notice that older versions of Retail ProTM will no longer be supported and are wondering what to do? Were you taken by surprise with the news of Retail ProTM being bought and absorbed into another compay? Are you hesitant to keep investing in antiquated software that is not reliable?

XpertMart Wants You As a Customer!

We have helped lots of former Retail ProTM users transition to using our software. We know Retail ProTM in and out and can make the switch-over smooth and painless. Our customers like XpertMart because it has a strong focus on the features that retailers need to be profitable and is built on cutting-edge technology. XpertMart is developed in Java and runs on a Relational SQL database.

XpertMart corrects all fothe design flaws inherent in Retail ProTM which was originally designed as a single store POS package and had to be modified along the way to work with more than one location. XpertMart was designed from the get-go for a multi-store environment. Our superior design and technology means that XpertMart requires magnitudes less support time.

5 Reasons To Switch:

1) Data Migration. We have developed custom import routines to transfer Retail ProTM data into a blank XpertMart database. You will not have to start from scratch.

2) BusinessWorks Interface: If you are one of the many Retail ProTM users that uses BusinessWorks software for your accounting you'll be happy to know that XpertMart interfaces with BusinessWorks. If you like using this accounting package, it will be "business as usual" after you switch.

3) $500 Software Credit. For every Retail Pro
TM license you trade-in, we will give you a $500 credit applicable to your XpertMart purchase. You're initial investment in retail management software will not be lost!

4) Keep Your Hardware & Peripherals. XpertMart will run under your current hardware configuration so you don't need to invest in hardware if you don't want to. You can also keep all of your POS peripherals. We write all of our own drivers and can ensure that XpertMart is compatible with the scanners, printers, cash drawers and data terminals you are using.

5) Experience. We have been working with former Retail ProTM customers for over eight years and have migrated users from Retail ProTM versions 6, 7 and 8 series. We have the experience to make sure your transition is smooth. 

The future of retail management software is here. What are you waiting for?

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