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Running Reports

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We are almost done laying the foundation of understanding how data is entered, stored, edited, consulted and extracted in XpertMart.The missing piece is running reports.

In addition to looking at your data on screen through catalogs you can also use Reports to view data and get the information you need.

Let's return to the Vendors Catalog. Click on the Reports button. You'll see a menu of Reports appear in the XpertReportsRunner window. Notice that all of the reports in this window are related to vendors.

Click on the report called "List of Vendors" and press the Preview button. You will see some of the data you have entered so far, this time as a report.

Now go to the Clients Catalog. Even though you have not made any entries in the catalog you can still click on the Reports button in the toolbar. Look at the list of reports that appear. You'll notice that they are all related to Clients.

By now you can tell that clicking on the Reports button in a catalog pulls up reports that specifically pertain to that catalog. Therefore in the future if you are wondering "Is there a report that shows my sales by Department?" the fist place you would check would be the Departments Catalog, and so on.

Spend a little bit of time browsing the list of available reports in the Vendors, Styles, Departments, Clients & Brands catalogs.

If you have more time, check out some of the sample reports we have as PDFs on our web site.  It can be useful to get a preview of the kind of reports you'll be able to run before you do the bulk of your date entry. Being able to visualize the end goal will help you make better choices along the way, as far as the kind of data you want in your database.

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