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XpertMart's reports break your sales down by Store/Department pairings to compare the profitability of each "business unit." Identify which of these business units are generating the most profits.
26.	Retailers should understand the profitability of every store and department
XpertMart: Point of Sale and Inventory Control for Retailers

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You should treat your Departments much like a professional investor treats his portfolio of stocks, always looking for the best return on investment. We worked with one retailer who owns a chain of 20 stores. Originally the stores sold clothing and shoes for Men, Women and Children. However, after a careful analysis, this retailer realized that the vast majority of his profits (as opposed to revenue) were coming from a handful of Departments, primarily Children's Footwear. This retailer took the dramatic step of closing his stores and reopening them as a chain of Boys & Girls Footwear stores. He has enjoyed healthier profits ever since then.