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With XpertMart you can run Blind X-Outs so at any point in time you can see how much money a cashier is supposed to have. You can ask cashiers to count their money "blindly" and compare their amounts against the X-Out report to make sure there are no discrepancies. All cashiers must login with their password to use XpertMart and the report can be run by station or by cashier, so there is no shirking of responsibility.
27.	Prevent cashier theft by using blind close outs and spot checks
XpertMart: Point of Sale and Inventory Control for Retailers

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Unscrupulous employees often leave loose change or match sticks around the cash register area to help them remember the amount of extra money in the till that is to be pocketed later, for example, a nickel means five dollars, a penny one dollar, and so on. When questioned about the loose change, the cashier can simply say a customer forgot her change. One study of cashier theft found that a third of cashier's found stealing admitted to at least one other accomplice in the store.