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XpertMart Releases New Retail Enterprise Management Software for Mac

April 11, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - XpertMart announced today the release of a new version of its Retail Enterprise Management software for Mac with an expanded suite of features to help retailers optimize sales across multiple channels and locations.

The new version of XpertMart's POS & Inventory Control software allows users to run a chain of retail stores, manage wholesale accounts as well as sell online. New features include the ability to setup multiple price lists, customer discount groups, credit limits and fulfill large orders from several different inventory locations.

"Retailers looking to grow their business have often had to resort to non-Mac solutions because the available POS software didn't cover their needs," says XpertMart CEO Steve Searfoss. "The new version of XpertMart gives growing retailers the same kind of sophisticated tools their larger competitors are using."

The new version includes an integrated Accounts Receivable module where users can set credit limits for individual customers, apply payments to specific invoices or the balance as a whole, add credits and charges, generate Balance Statements and run Aging Reports.

Multiple price lists can be created in XpertMart so that different stores, regions or store types can have their own price for the same item. Customers can be assigned to special discount groups to automatically receive discounts at the point of sale. These discounts can be defined by department, line of merchandise or apply across the board to all items.

"Even as more independent retailers have begun using Macs, larger retail chains are predominantly still relying on other platforms like Windows and Linux," says Searfoss. "We intend to change that by offering a complete retail management system that runs on Mac."

XpertMart's new Corporate Sales Order module acts as a clearinghouse for large orders of merchandise from the web or wholesale accounts. Users can specify which stores and warehouses will be used to fulfill the order and prioritize the locations from which the stock will be pulled. A Purchase Order can be automatically generated for any merchandise not available at any inventory location in the chain.

XpertMart also includes inventory optimization tools to set model inventory levels for each SKU/store combination based on historic sales trends. Using real data, users can set Min/Max parameters and have the system automatically suggest transfer orders to move merchandise from locations where it is not selling to locations where it is understocked. XpertMart also generates Purchase Orders to automatically replenish merchandise falling below its optimal inventory level.

"Retailers with private labels who manufacture or source their merchandise directly will find the new version of XpertMart helps them stay ahead of their demand," says Searfoss.

The new version of XpertMart also includes a new set of features to more effectively manage web store orders including emailing a copy of the invoice to a customer directly from the invoicing screen, generating a packing slip which can be emailed to a remote warehouse and specifying an insured amount for shipping different than the invoice total.

XpertMart has its own integrated ecommerce application and also has a standard order import format that can be used to plug in web stores created by third party developers, particularly if they run on an SQL database. XpertMart also has a real-time interface with the popular Yahoo Stores ecommerce platform.

"We give our users tremendous flexibility to find the ecommerce platform that works best for them while still using XpertMart as the inventory back-end they've come to rely on," says Searfoss.

XpertMart runs on Leopard and runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel processors.

Stephen Searfoss
Miami, Florida
Tel (954) 688-3045

About XpertMart
XpertMart is a retail management system developed by Dinari Systems LLC. XpertMart is written entirely in Java and can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. XpertMart has been deployed by retailers in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean for over six years. XpertMart is available in English, Spanish and Italian.
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