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XpertMart Makes Java Accessible to Small & Medium Sized Retailers

September 7, 2004

(CAMBRIDGE, MA) - For years well known big box retailers and national retailers have turned to Java for their POS systems. The same technology is now available to smaller retailers through XpertMart, a complete retail management system specifically designed for independent chains of small and medium-sized retailers..

"XpertMart gives independent retailers the same technological edge that leading national retailers who have implemented Java POS solutions currently enjoy," says Stephen Searfoss, President of Dinari Systems LLC. "We put Java within reach of all retailers."

Retailers can realize big savings on license fees and get the most out of their existing hardware since applications developed in Java such as XpertMart can run on any operating system.

"Running on Java means you are no longer tied-down to a single platform," says Searfoss. "XpertMart gives retailers the flexibility to chose the hardware and operating system that's right for them."

For example, a retailer may chose to have sleek new iMacs in their high-end boutiques, inexpensive Linux machines in their warehouses and powerful Unix servers in the corporate office all running XpertMart's retail management software.

Keeping with the open architecture approach, XpertMart runs on any Open Database Complaint (ODBC) database including Oracle, Informix, MySQL, Sybase, PostreSQL, InterBase and others. Users can use SQL throughout the system to access their data and even modify it.

"Our goal is to give our customers maximum freedom and flexibility," says Searfoss. "You pick the operating system, the hardware, the database manager, the peripherals you want to run and so on."

XpertMart's reach can be dramatically expanded to since it uses XML to import and export data into the system, making it interoperable with a variety of third party ERP solutions.


About XpertMart
XpertMart is a complete retail management system specifically designed for retailers of apparel, footwear, accessories and sporting goods. At the heart of XpertMart is a Style/Color/Size1/Size2 matrix used to display stock levels, sales and other critical data. XpertMart is written entirely in Java and can run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. XpertMart is developed by Dinari Systems LLC and is used by retailers in the US, Canada, UK, Latin America and the Caribbean. A free trial version is available for immediate download at our web site:

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