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XpertMart Announces New Prepacks Feature for Inventory Control

August 7, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, MA. - XpertMart announced today the release of a new functionality in its POS software that lets retailers manage merchandise distribution and inventory through prepacks.

Using the Prepacks functionality, retailers of footwear and clothing can manage and automate their complete distribution cycle more efficiently. XpertMart users can now place Purchase Orders for prepacks, Receive prepacks from vendors, hold prepacks in inventory at a central warehouse and transfer prepacks out to stores.

"High-volume retailers that are used to receiving prepacks of merchandise from vendors will find they are able to dramatically reduce distribution problems with our new Prepacks Module," says XpertMart CEO Stephen Searfoss.

Currently there are retailers that receive merchandise in prepacks from their vendors or manufacturers and they have no way to track them as such so they are breaking the prepacks and then entering them as individual items into their inventory control system. This entails additional labor expense and increases the potential for error. Others are forced to show prepack inventories separate and in no way related to their inventories o single size items in their stores or warehouse.

"Retailers who use our prepack module are more in synch with their suppliers who ship merchandise as prepacks," says Searfoss. "Because they are able to do purchasing and receive in prepacks there is a lot less room for error."

The Prepacks Module lets XpertMart users define which sizes and colors they want in a prepack and the quantity of each. Users can create as many prepacks as needed, so prepacks can be customized for each vendor style and type of item. Multiple prepacks can be defined for each style and color combination. Single size prepacks can also be entered.

"Retailers that are not currently using prepacks will now have that option open to them using XpertMart," says Searfoss. "Shipping, receiving and transferring out a prepack is less labor intensive and more efficient than handling individual items."

XpertMart allows you to handle prepacks using their own prepack barcode or it will generate an in house prepack barcode and allow you to generate prepack bar code labels.

XpertMart's Prepacks Module includes reports that display total inventory as individual items (both loose items and items in prepacks), along side prepack inventory and individual item inventory. XpertMart tracks on-hand stock in prepacks and lets the user convert the prepack to individual pieces when they decide to break the prepack.

As part of XpertMart's auto distribution functionality, the system can make auto transfers of prepacks to stores to fulfill distribution needs of individual items. This is done via a patent pending technology used to grade how well the prepack will complement and meet the needs of inventory in the individual store. XpertMart will also suggest when prepacks should be broken to better fit the needs of stores.

Stores can receive prepacks which involves less scanning or data entry and XpertMart automatically adds the individual items in the prepack to the stores inventory which is normally kept as an inventory of individual items.

The Prepacks Module has been under testing for over a year with a chain of shoe stores in Florida and is now available for wide release.

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