All of your data is contained in a single database filed called "Main.gdb" which can be found in the C:/Main directory. Having all of your data in one place makes the system a lot more stable than older flat-file database systems that created multiple files and therefore multiplied the risk of files being corrupted and crashing the whole system. Using a single database file also makes it a lot easier to create backups.

To make a backup, go to the C:/Main directory and create a copy of the "Main.gdb" file. Paste this copy into a directory that is different than the C:/Main directory. This way, if for any reason there is a problem with C:/Main your backup file(s) is less likely to also be affected. You could, for example, create a directory in the "My Documents" folder called "Backups."


Once you have pasted the copy of the database, renaming the copy with today's date on it is recommended. This is because, if you make daily backups as is strongly recommended, you will have multiple backup files and will need a way to quickly tell them apart. If today's date is November 17, 2001, for example, you could rename the file "Main11172001.gdb."

Your safest bet is to then write this file into an external storage device such as a Zip Disk or CD. This way, in the worst of all possible cases where your entire computer goes down, you can still retrieve a backup of your data. Remember, the best technical support in the world cannot help you if you have not made a backup of your data.

If you ever need to revert to a backup of your data all you need to do is take the latest backup MainXXXX.gdb (such as "Main11172001.gdb" or whatever naming convention you decide to use) and rename it "Main.gdb" and paste it into your C:/Main directory. By default XpertMart is configured to look for a database file name "Main.gdb" in the C:/Main directory.

Making backups is not only a good hedge against utter disaster, it's a good idea before making any major change to your data such as modifying all of your prices in one shot. If you change your mind, you can always go back to your old database file.

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