Installing a New Version of XpertMart on a Macintosh

To install a new version of XpertMart you need to replace the XpertMart.jar file. The XpertMart application is in this single file.

Normally the XpertMart.jar file is found in the /Main directory, but when you install from a .dmg  file (this is the case if you download the XpertMart demo from our web site or if you use our Installation CD) then the XpertMart.jar file is actually at this location:


The Mac Finder hides the ".app" extension. In your /Main directory you will only see a file called "XpertMart." You need to right-click or Control-click on this file and chose the "Show Package Contents" option. You will see a folder called "Contents". Double-click on this folder and open the folder Resources and you will see a folder called "Java". When you open this last folder you will see the XpertMart.jar file-- this is the file you want to replace when upgrading to a new version.

The /Main/ directory also contains a set of .ini files. These files are where all of your configuration settings are stored.

Note that the alternative is to install the new XpertMart.jar file directly on the /Main directory. If you do this you will need to also copy over the .ini files from the /Main/ directory or you will lose your configuration setting. Once you have copied them over you should erase the file (which will appear only as "XpertMart" and should not be confused with the "XpertMart.jar" file). Otherwise there is the potential to mix-up the two versions and have two competing configurations. If you erase the file you may also have to change the Java version to 1.3 .

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