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Lesson 9:

Preparing for Transactions

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ow that you are done entering all of your Styles and Items you are almost ready to begin making Transactions to add and subtract stock quantities. Before you do, however, there are a few things that need to be setup. This lesson will run through the basic setup. If you want more detail then read the Configuration chapters in the User Manual.


You will need to run Update Prices before you make any transaction. The system does not change prices right away whenever you edit a price/cost or create a new Item. Instead you need to "batch" these changes.

Go to Configure>Inventory Configure>Prices Update. You will want to change the default date (December 31, 1969) to a date just before you started using the system. This way the system will only look for updates from that point forward. Otherwise the Update Prices process will take a long time.

Next, go to Process>Prices and Cost>Update Prices and let the process run. You should get in the habit of running Update Prices at least once a day. A good time to do this is when you do your daily backup. If you are ever Receiving and you see a cost of $0 or Invoicing and see a price of $0 you have most likely forgotten to Update Prices.

Go to Catalogs>Taxes and set the tax rate for your store. Note that XpertMart will only display two digits but even though it looks like it is rounding up the system will actually store as many decimal points as you want to enter.

Zoom out to the Tax Zone catalog and overwrite "Sample State" with the name of your jurisdiction. Do not create a new entry in this catalog.

If some items are tax exempt, create a new entry in the Taxes Catalog, call it Tax Exempt and set the tax rate to 0.0%.

Go to the Employees Catalog and create entries for every one of your employees. Make sure you put the same user name in both the Employee Number and Login fields (yes, you should duplicate this). Every employee will need to be able to login in to XpertMart to do a transaction. The system does not allow you to do a transaction without first doing a login.

Go to the Stores Catalog and fill in the name, address and phone number of your store. Whatever you put in these fields is what will print up on your store sales ticket. Make sure you assign the store to a Tax Zone and to a Price List (usually just List Price).

Make sure XpertMart is not setup to require a Z-Out before you can make the first sale of a day. Go to Configure>Station Configure>Zout and make sure no box is checked. Then go to Catalogs>Document Types>Invoice Types and make sure the Zout box is not checked for any of the Invoice Types.

Vendor Terms:
Go to Catalogs>Vendors>Vendor Terms and create at least one entry (such as COD, Credit, Prepay, etc). You will need to specify vendor payment terms when you make a receipt or you can do this ahead of time for each vendor in the Vendors Catalog.

Refer to the document linked above to setup the right driver configuration for all of your POS peripheral devices.

Finished? You are ready for action!

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