Gift Registry

If you sell merchandise that is normally given in celebrations such as weddings, then it is important to be able to handle a Gift Registry. XpertMart lets you setup a gift registry of the gifts someone would like to recieve for their special ocassion. XpertMart will keep track of what is registered as gifts, let you sell these items and then keep track of what has already been purchases as gifts and what is still pending.

To make a new gift registry you select the option under the Sale Order menu as per this screen shot:

Once you have selected the gift registry option you will see this transaction screen:

Towards the bottom of the screen there is a place to register the date of the event for this Gift Registry as you can see here:

Aside from this there is a Reference field on the left side where you can put a name of the event this registry is for. You can also use the Notes section to enter more information about the gift registry. You can see these two fields here:

The gift registry has no payment detail information as it is just a list of things people can buy for this event. You should be sure to enter the Ship To information as this is whom the gifts will be shipped or delivered to.

Once the gift registry has been created and someone wants to see the items registered and possibly buy some item then you have to look up the gift registry in the Documents section of
XpertMartas you can see in this shot of the menus:

Once you find the registry you want you will see that it has several columns that show how the quantity of each item that was put on the registry, how many have already been bought and how many are pending to buy as shown in this screen shot:

If you want to make a sale of one or more of the items, all you have to do enter the amount of each one in the Buy column as we can see here:

Once the items are entered in the Buy column you have to click on the Dollar Sign button at the top of the document. The button looks like this:

When you do this,
XpertMartwill open up a new Invoice screen with the items that were selected to buy. It will have all the items with their respective quantities. In addition to this it fills in the Ship To customer as was entered on the Gift Registry as you can see in this example:

XpertMartautomatically puts the Gift Registry number in the reference field of the Invoice as you can see here.

From this point on you proceed exactly as you would with any other sale. You can put in the customer's information so you know who bought the gift. You add the payment information as a normal sale.

You do not have to finish this sale, nor sell all the items on the Invoice. You can exit from the sale, delete items or change quantities. If you finalize the sale then
XpertMartwill take the items bought on this invoice and show them as bought on the sales order that originally opened this sales window.

NOTE: Once the sales window is open you can close the Gift Registry window if you wish. Once the sale is made you will have to refresh the query on the Gift Registry if you still have it open to see the changes in the Sold and Pending columns.

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