XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

11.- When I make a transfer, when are the quantities registered in inventory?

Other Systems

In-Slips do not directly affect inventory. If the system is configured normally the In-Slip affects both the store from which the merchandise was transferred (subtracting it) and the store receiving the merchandise (adding it) even if there has been no confirmation that the merchandise was received. If the system is configured for “merchandise in transit” the In-Slip does not does not increase the inventory of the receiving store. It is not until someone at the Main runs a process that matches Out-Slips and In-Slips that the items are added to that stores inventory. In either case, there is no way of knowing at the store if the merchandise has been added to inventory.


Every In-Slip automatically increases the inventory of the store or warehouse that is creating that document.
At every moment the quantities in inventory correspond to the application of every movement or transaction in the store. Lighting audits can be made in any store without need for first consulting the data at the Main or at another store.

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