XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

24 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a POS System

If before buying a car, your are the kind of person who first likes to research how many kilometers it gets to the liter, how often you have to replace the brakes, what kind of warranty come on the tires, and what the resale value will be in two years, then this document was written for you. The following are 24 questions that anyone looking to buy a Point of Sale and Inventory Control system should research before making a decision. Some of these questions are highly technical, others may seem boring or even irrelevant. However, it is exactly in the technical details where quality resides. 

Your company’s most important asset, even more important than your capital, is your information. It is imperative to understand the How and the Why behind your data. Even small errors in you data—and average cost of $11.45 instead of $11.35, an invoice too many, one item less in inventory—can have catastrophic consequences over a year of operation. It is worth your time to study these questions so you can answer a very important question: Who will you trust your information to?

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