XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

1.- Where is the data stored?

Other Systems

Uses many independent files, each of which can be damaged or overwritten and destroy the integrity of all of your information. Without a redundant audit or Kardex system, it is possible for these errors to occur without the user noticing before it is too late. 
Every document file (invoice, receipts, etc.) has a corresponding index in a separate file. Some sales reports reed the sales using this index and others don’t. Any error in the index can suddenly create two reports that do not coincide.


Every piece of data is stored in an InterBase™ database. This database manager is used by many reputable firms, and even by NASA. All data are stored in a single file so that there cannot be any “accidents” where pieces of information that do not belong together are intertwined.
The user has the option of running XpertMart™ on such well known databases as Oracle™.

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