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Installation & Orientation

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Topic: Mac Installation
Topic: Finding Your Way Around the Installed Files
Topic: Creating a Backup of Your Data

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How to Troubleshoot the Mac Installation


The installation process is pretty straightforward. If you are having trouble installing and the links above do not help, contact XpertMart tech support by sending an email to: support@xpertmart.com

Spend some time getting to know the contents of your /Main folder. Notice the Main.gdb file: this is your database. All of your data is in this one file. By default , XpertMart is configured to look for a database file called Main.gdb in the Main folder on the root directory of the hard drive.

Exercise 1:
Let's practice switching from your blank database to the demo database. Think of this like parking cars: there is only one parking space (the Main.gdb file) and we need to move a car out of it before we can move a new car into it. First thing you will want to do is close XpertMart. Then go to the /Main directory. Find the Main.gdb file and rename it MainBlank.gdb. Now find the file called MainDemo.gdb and rename it Main.gdb. Launch XpertMart and open the Styles Catalog: you will notice there is data in this catalog.

Now close XpertMart. Go back to the /Main directory and find the file called Main.gdb. Rename this file MainDemo.gdb. Find the file called MainBlank.gdb and rename this file Main.gdb. Once again, launch XpertMart and open the Styles Catalog. You will notice that this time the catalog does not have any data in it. You've successfully switched from one database to another. This will come in handy when you want to setup a practice database in Lesson 12.

Exercise 2:
Now let's learn how to make a backup. Go to the /Main directory and find the Main.gdb file. Copy this file and then paste it. A new file will appear called "Copy of Main.gdb" or something similar. Rename this file with today's date. For example, if today is May 27, 2005 you would name the file Main05272005.gdb. This is yoru backup: simple as that. Create a folder called Backups and move the file to this folder. We suggest also saving these backup files externally such as on a CD or USB jump drive.

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