XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

7.- How does the communication work? Is there any form of quality control?

Other Systems

During communication between stores, the system does not detect if it is sending junk instead of data and can often transmit this junk alongside the data. The only structure that these files have is expected field length. For example, the system assumes that there is a new registry every 216 bytes and that within these 216 bytes the number of the product is in position 1 – 10. 
When the system transmits junk, the only way to fix the problem is to return to the backups made of prior days, to “regenerate” the documents in the stores and to send them again. This process is subject to operational errors which can lead to the duplication of such documents as invoices or receipts and produces false quantities in inventory.


The system transmits “Java Objects” and therefore knows if it is communication a number, a text, a date or a photo. If the system receiving the transmission on the other end does not receive the type of data it was expecting (number, text, date, photo, etc.) it does not save the data to the database.

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