XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

4.- Is there any quality control over the costs that appear in the system?

Other Systems

Provides no explanation or justification for average costs. The system supposedly averages the quantities en stock in the entire chain and their current cost with the quantity and cost of items that are received in a shipment. The average cost which the system provides must be taken on faith, because nowhere does the system record, for example, that a shipment of 10 items at a cost of $11.00 was averaged with the 13 items already in stock at a cost of $9.74. 


Maintains a Kardex, or Audit Log, of average costs. This Kardex records: the date, time, receipt serial number, item, the number of items that were in inventory, the cost of those items in stock, how many pieces were received, at which cost the items were received and the resulting average cost calculated for all the items.

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