XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

2.- Are there any backups of inventory files? How can I know if the data are correct?

Other Systems

Does not save a historic record which explains quantities in inventory, leaving the user to trust that they are correct. (And to believe that discrepancies uncovered by physical inventories are errors that are foreign to the system itself). Nowhere in the system is a “starting point” saved from which all subsequent quantity calculations are based. The only alternative becomes reporting all transaction going back to the day the system was first used. When this is done and quantities greater or lesser than zero appear for that first day and it becomes apparent that there is an error in the system but it is impossible to know exactly when the error occurred. 


Every time a quantity is changed in inventory, be it in a store or at the Main, an entry is written into the Kardex or audit file. The Kardex entry includes: the date and time of the movement, the type of document that made the movement, the serial number of the document which made the document, the store which made the movement, the item that was affected, the quantity in inventory before the movement (on that date and at that time), the quantity by which the inventory was changed, and the quantity that remained after the movement.The user has the option to make reports off of these Kardex or can be consulted on screen through a key stroke.

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