XpertMartTM vs. Other Systems:

3.- How do the datum relate to each other?

Other Systems

Since it doesn’t use a relational database, it must “simulate” a relational database using internal i.d. numbers automatically assigned by the system. Styles, items and other catalogues use these simulated numbers. Sometimes the system assigns these numbers incorrectly and have to be manually corrected. These errors primarily affect the tools that are used to extract statistics from the system, but sometimes also affect more simple reports. When there are version changes there can be dramatic flaws in the data.


Because it is a system designed 100% over a relational database, we do not have to simulate the relationships. All relationships exist and are respected from the moment the data are captured in the catalogues and throughout every operation.
For example: an item belongs to style 2502, the color blue, and size 23½, in this way the item is related to each of these catalogues.

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