Why XpertMartTM? - Powerful Reports

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If the goal at the point of sale is to make the system as simple as possible, the goal for the back office is to make the system as sophisticated as possible. XpertMartTM is the system IT departments love to use. Our XpertReportsTM module allows you to include any field of any table from XpertMartTM’s relational database. You can design reports using photos, logos and other images, for example, to actually see which are your best-selling styles. XpertReportsTM also gives you the power to create and store formulas using the report designer in order to, for example, calculate an item’s margin or contribution to total sales on a percentage basis. All too often we find people have their inventory control system on the one hand, but when it really comes down to it they export their data to Excel™ for the nitty-gritty analysis. We believe that anything you need to do in Excel™ to your data, you can do using XpertReportsTM. Each report you design is stored in individual files independent of the database along with their SQL statements. Reports are executed from a simple menu where the user chooses the report based on a description and can modify the Query of a report, print it out or see a preview on screen. Of course, XpertMartTM comes with over 250 pre-designed reports and 30 custom-designed reports, but just in case we give you all the tools you need to create your own reports. 

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