Why XpertMartTM? - Training & Tech Support

A system is as good or bad as the user who is behind using it. XpertMartTM is a very powerful tool—in the hands of somebody who knows how to run it.

For this reason, we place a lot of emphasis on our training program. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a rigorous 60-hour Training Seminar led by our highly qualified personnel.

Our goal is for our users to know how to operate 100% of the system—even if most of them only end up using 50 – 60% of all the available functions. We strive to make our clients self-sufficient in using the system. We guarantee the quality of our training program by offering the first year of tech support completely free: if we don’t do a good job training you, all tech support costs, including traveling expenses, come out of our pocket.

Implementation of the system is done in parallel with the training. Typically we cover a topic in a morning seminar, for example how to create and print bar codes, and that same afternoon your personnel will be printing and ticketing your merchandise. We seek to integrate theory and practice.

We have been selling and installing Point of Sale and Inventory Control systems for over eight years. Based on this experience, we have integrated the best management concepts we have encountered from shoe and clothing retailers into our software. Our Training Seminar, therefore, offers a valuable opportunity to reflect and evaluate every aspect of your business. By knowing the different ways that XpertMartTM can compute an item’s cost or price, for example, you have the chance to rethink your pricing strategy.

Another example is how you classify your merchandise. XpertMartTM offers over 20 descriptive fields you can use to classify an item. This way you can break you sales down by material (leather vs. synthetic), or see if short heels sold better than high heels last season, and use this information the next time you are negotiating purchases with vendors.

A shoe store with 400 different styles in 10 sizes and 3 colors is carrying 12,000 items in inventory. If we multiply this number by 40 different stores, then we are talking about 480,000 items in inventory for this particular chain. This means that the management of this shoe chain  must make half a million supply policy decisions every three months (if only by omission) and half a million supply action decisions every week.

Half a million decisions deserve a second opinion. XpertMartTM will open new dimensions for understanding your business. 

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