Why XpertMartTM? - Payment Plan

We offer 12 month financing without interests! Once we receive your first payment of 1/12 of the total, we will install XpertMartTM in your entire chain. This way you can pay for the system only as you are satisfied with our product and our service. 

Any commercial investment must yield tangible results and a Point of Sale and Inventory Control system is no exception. Our experience has been that the proper use of XpertMartTM boosts the bottom line in three ways: dramatically reducing theft and lost merchandise, substantially lowering unnecessary inventory levels and minimizing lost sales by having precise stock levels. 

The monthly cost of an XpertMartTM system per store is roughly equivalent to the profit of a dozen pairs of shoes. Now the real question becomes, “Do you believe you can squeeze another dozen pairs of shoes out of your business?” Put in these terms, we are confident that boosting your sales by an additional dozen pairs of shoes a month is an easily surmountable goal.

For some of our clients, those dozen pairs are earned simply by gaining control over their stores for the first time. When employees realize that with XpertMartTM every item in inventory is accounted for for the first time, suddenly shoes aren’t disappearing like they used to.  

For other clients, the dozen pairs are won by reducing unnecessary inventory. By setting optimal stock levels for every item in inventory, important savings can be obtained. Do you really need 30 pairs of that running shoe in stock which has only generated 8 sales in the last 60 days? Perhaps the example sounds exaggerated, but unfortunately, we’ve seen cases like it too many times.

Other retailers have the opposite problem: there is never a shortage of customers who say, “I love this shoe! Do you have it in size 10½?” Again, all too often, that size is out of stock. Or even worse, there are several size 10½ pairs in stock—but at another store. By using Minimums and Maximums to control the stock level of every item, these lost sales can  be significantly reduced.

How do you plan to win those extra dozen pairs using XpertMartTM

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