XpertMartUser's Manual
Table of Contents

Part I: PC Installation
1) Installing XpertMart  
2) XpertMart Hardware Requirements
3) Testing the Java Installation
4) Testing the InterBase Installation
5) Testing the Installation
6) Installing XpertMart on a Network
7) Installing a New Version of XpertMart

Part Ib: Macintosh Installation
8) Installing XpertMart on Macintosh OS X
9) Installing XpertMart on a Hybrid Macintosh/PC Network  
10) Installing a New Version of XpertMart on a Macintosh

Part II: Orientation
11) Finding Your Way Around the Installed Files
12) Creating a Backup of Your Data
13) How to Practice with XpertMart
14) System Overview
15) The Relational Nature of the Data
16) File Menu

Part III: Configuration & Security Setup
17) Configuring XpertMart at the Main

18) Configuring XpertMart at the Remote

19) Setting up the Security System

Part IV: Catalogs
20) Catalogs
21) Entering Data into the Catalogs
22) XpertImage

Part V: Departments  
23) Defining Departments

Part VI: Styles & Items
24) Styles Catalog
25) Items Catalog 
26) XpertMatrix
27) Creating a New XpertMatrix
28) Bar Codes
29) Printing Bar Codes on a Laser Printer

Part VII: Vendors
30) Vendors Catalogs

Part VIII: Customers
31) Customers Catalogs
32) Customer Relationship Management
33 Customer Discount Groups

Part IX: Prices, Costs and Taxes
34) Prices
35) Multiple Price Lists
36) Prices by Quantity
37) Prices by Date and Time
38) Rounding Prices
39) Costs
40) Cost Adjustments
41) Setting up the Initial Inventory
42) Mass Changes to Prices and Costs
43) Taxes

Part X: Query
44) Query by Example
45) XpertQuery
46) Replace by Example
47) Execute SQL

Part XI: Reports
48) Running Reports
49) XpertDate

Part XII: Transactions
50) Transactions
51) How Transactions Affect Inventory
52) How to Simplify the Transactions Screen

Part XIII: Invoices, Lost Sales, Returns & Layaways
53) Invoices
54) Editing Payments on Invoices
55) Return Credits for Customers
56) Lost Sales
57) Layaways
58) Gift Certificates
59) Converting a Gift Certificate Balance Into a Store Credit

Part XIV: Purchasing & Receiving
60) Purchase Orders
61) Receipts
62) Return Receipts
63) Multi-Store Purchase Orders

Part XV: Point of Sale Reports
64) End of Day Reports

Part XVI: Physical Inventory
65) Physical Inventory
66) Adjustments
67) Audit Log

Part XVII: Synchronization
68) Synchronization
69) Setting-Up & Configuring Synchronization
70) Automating Synchronization with the Scheduler
71) Monitoring & Troubleshooting Synchronization
72) Synchronization Audit
73) How to Test the FTP Server
74) Adding a New Store to the Database
75) Synchronizing Software Upgrades to Stores

Part XVIII: Transfers
76) Transfers
77) Matching Out Slips & In Slips

Part XIX: Promotions
78) Promotions

Special Modules
XpertMart Yahoo Store Interface
XpertVerify Credit Card Processing Module
XpertCount for the Symbol 3100 PDT
XpertMart Tricoder Manual: Portable Data Terminal for Mac

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